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      Site of a room bureau "REST" of a city of Novosibirsk At us it is possible to rent apartment from days and more, renting apartment for short term We guarantee to you comfort and calmness...
    Apartment by the day a novosibirsk from a room bureau in Novosibirsk. A wide range of apartments on days in Novosibirsk, hotels and novosibirsk hotels
  The full list of apartments of a category "standard"   To look >>>

 Apartments of an economical class

Apartments for days NovosibirskThe red prospectus, 59 >>>
1 room apartments, the underground red
the prospectus at the next entrance

Booking: 866

Rent of apartments for days in a novosibirskaDusi Kovalchuk, 89 >>>
2 room apartment in area
the SIBERIAN FAIR, the area of Kalinin

Booking: 363

Novosibirsk hotels The Siberian, 40 >>>
1 room apartment around station
Novosibirsk-main. G.Mihajlovskogo's underground

Booking: 109

Apartments Days a novosibirsk Cheluskincev, 14 >>>
1 room apartment around station
Novosibirsk-main. G.Mihajlovskogo's underground

Booking: 215

Rent Apartments by the day in a novosibirskaBlucher, 53 >>>
One room apartment, Charles Marska's underground
Booking: 112
Days Booking Discounts
From 50 $ 0 $ Is
  The full list of apartments of a category "lux"   To look >>>

    Category apartments premium a class

Room bureau NovosibirskÓVladimirovskaya, 3 >>>
Excellent 1 room apartment around station Novosibirsk-main, underground Garina Mihajlovsky
Booking: 606

Apartment for daysThe red Prospectus, 94/2 >>>
Two room apartment with a good bed with orthopedic mattress GARDEN WISTERIA, the underground Gagarinsky
Booking: 327

Daily rent of apartments The red prospectus 94/1 >>>
1 room apartment with repair of a class lux around the underground Gagarinsky. Nearby the SIBERIAN FAIR.
Booking: 439

Hotels and hotels NovosibirskÓ The red prospectus, 71 >>>
Excellent full-sized apartment around the underground the red prospectus, after repair.
Booking: 413

Short-term rentFrunze, 8  >>>
Two room apartment around the underground the area a Lenin
Booking: 313
Days Booking Discounts
From 60 $ 0 $ Is

  Rent apartments by the day in Novosibirsk in different areas
  Apartments settle down near to metro stations
  Convenient a site in a traffic intersection
  the Best a combination of the price and quality of apartments of such level
  Flexible system of discounts for each visitor
  Good bed-clothes of high quality
  Ideal cleanliness of all apartments also it is not smoked.
  Good berths in our apartments pledge of a healthy dream
  Convenient the calculation form will help with to save your time and money
  Calculation cash and non-cash, the contract conclusion on apartment
  Having ordered apartment we with comfort will take you to a place
  the Arrangement apartments near to the SIBERIAN FAIR
  Big a choice of apartments without intermediaries and commission fee
  Individual the approach to each visitor
  At the order of apartment we guarantee to you comfort and calmness
  Free booking not demanding advance payments
  Integrated approach and efficiency of employees
  Booking of apartment from a site is cheaper
  Long-term experience in the market
  Wide assortment of apartments being in personal management
More in detail about our prices, booking, Contacts - to Remove apartment Novosibirsk days hours  
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