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    We accept Web Money.   Fee the On days of rent can be paid direct payment.
    Payment instantly. As it is possible to bring an advance payment for apartment.

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It is interesting:

Apartments are cleaned every day, allocated time for cleaning of one apartment makes 2 hours, once a week depending on the living apartment general cleaning is spent. All it Gives the chance to us to contain our apartments in a full order, cleanliness and to be on a step above in the professionalism and quality Services which our company renders!

Our apartments are equipped by all necessary for comfortable residing and can differ only with repair from "house-keeper" of a class to class "business". Apartments are near metro stations, the Siberian fair, in the city centre on Lenin's area, a station highway and...        To read further >>>  
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    1 room " STANDARD"  From 50 $  1 - 3   Free  To look>>
    2 room " STANDARD"  From 54 $  1 - 4   Free  To look>>
    1 room "LUX"            From 50 $  1 - 3  Free To look>>
    2 room "LUX"  From 84 $  1 - 4   Free  To look>>
    1 room "VIP"  From 94 $  1 - 2   Free  To look>>
    2 room "VIP"  From 117 $  1 - 4   Free  To look>>

наш партнер:

a Number of advantages to reserve at us apartment:
1. Wide assortment of given apartments being in personal management without intermediaries and commission fee
2. Flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each visitor
3. Reliability and Safety of our apartments
4. Granting of a full package original accounting documents and the conclusion of contracts
5. Comfort, the cleanliness, not smoked apartments, pure bed-clothes
6. Integrated approach and efficiency of employees
7. A long-term operational experience in the market the On days of rent of apartments in Novosibirsk
8. Booking of apartment from a site is cheaper, than to remove it in other place
9. Free booking with an advance payment and without.
10. Registration of foreign citizens.
11. Calculation for apartment is made on apartment! You see for what pay.
For 2008 our company has settled 5 621 persons.
Has accepted and has processed through the Internet of 1 322 demands
Has concluded 102 long-term contracts from 102 companies of Russia.
Has increased an available housing by 30 % and totals 44 arranged well apartments

For this purpose, what to reserve or learn about possibility of granting of the necessary apartment Not given on a site in mode ONLINE, you need to fill the form the automated system of booking or to write the message on
e-Mail   Having informed the following information:

1. Apartment which you wish to rent.
2. Rent Term, arrival and congress date
After reception of the specified letter, in a current of 1 hour the following information will be sent you:

1. Availability of apartment for the period specified by you.
2. The Final price and the necessary information.

Order of calculations/reportings:
Cash calculation:     the Receipt, the Check.
  Calculation for services the On days of rent is made directly on apartment, in the same place flat keys c by the conclusion contracts the On days of rent of apartment are transferred to you.
Without cash calculation:     the Account the invoice, the Certificate of the executed works.
  At without cash calculation money resources are translated by bank remittance into the legal account or through payment systems of the Internet with the conclusion contracts the On days of rent of apartment .     аттестованый участник платежной системц вэб-моней

Reserve at us:    Запомнить эту страницу распечатать телефоны
Having called on one of phones you always receive the information interesting you on our services, variants of apartments, detailed cost and system of discounts for living in apartments given to a room bureau "REST".
To you will tell more detailed variants of booking of apartments. We will offer you at cost and repair apartment which more approaches for you and we will reserve it. The prices Contractual also can vary from 50 to 170 $. a day in Dependences on apartment repair.
call, and you remain are happy with cleanliness and comfortableness of our apartments!

Our PHONES: (Phones only in Russian)
+7 (383) 214-62-68 - Phone of the order of apartment in Russian (Managers)
+7 (383) 359-67-25 - Phone of the order of apartment in Russian
+7 (913) 912-62-68 - Phone of the order of apartment in Russian
+7 (383) 203-34-89 - Bodies/faxes (For demands by fax)
E-mail and ICQ in English and Russian
eMail:  info@kvartirusdam.ru
eMail:  icq:  968-555-12 | icq:  968-555-17
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