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  Full package of documents of the reporting and the official conclusion of contracts on apartments by the day in NovosibirskCleanliness and freshness of bed-clothesAt us good berths in apartments for days and moreCompany qualified personnel

Apartments are cleaned every day, allocated time for cleaning of one apartment makes 2 hours, once a week depending on the living apartment general cleaning is spent. All it Gives the chance to us to contain our apartments in a full order, cleanliness and to be on a step above in the professionalism and quality Services which our company renders!
Our apartments are equipped by all necessary for comfortable residing and can differ only with repair from "house-keeper" of a class to class "business". Apartments are near metro stations, the Siberian fair, embassy of Germany, shopping centre "the Grand piano park", the Novosibirsk zoo, in the city centre on Lenin's area, a station highway and Other places.
It is magnificent possibility, both for visitors of a city, and for inhabitants of our city confidentially to spend as business, and Romantic meetings, will stop on business trip. Renting apartment by the day or for long term, we guarantee to you comfort, calmness, efficiency. Now, rent of apartments for short term uses the big popularity as it is convenient and is practical, On it at us such services, as - preliminary booking of rented habitation, an advance payment, flexible system of discounts practise. These services will help to save your time and money.
Throughout 16 years of work in area on days of rent of apartments our company remains the active leader in this area and for long term of successful work has got the strong knowledge base and totals about 300 honeycomb of constant clients coming to business trip to Novosibirsk. We daily settle to 40 persons and we develop our possibilities to the best!
our constant visitors of a steel as heads of the large organisations, and citizens coming to our city with different visit. as, we accept groups of people, physical and legal bodies. we give Great value to long-term partnership, Based on respect, efficiency and continuous development which are the main lines of mutual relations in this sphere of services.
choosing our services you, remain, Are happy with comfortableness and cleanliness of rented apartments given by our company! The prices reasonable. without intermediaries!
our apartments, it is an ideal variant for business trip to Novosibirskcomfort cleanliness and prestigeonly pure bed-clothesapartments for romantic and business meetings

Since 1993 when in Novosibirsk hotel business our company carefully only developed Gave and pays till now special attention to quality of given services. Our problem On today's put is as much as possible to provide a cosiness and comfort in our apartments. Analyzing inquiries of our visitors Throughout all time we improve our services to the best, for us important what each visitor addressing to us Felt comfortably and did not spend time and forces.
We give special attention to berths and bed-clothes Given our company, for today we use Only the best bed-clothes of high quality of company Mona Lisa With possibility of a choice of a coloring of linen for all tastes.
The linen is erased in an elite laundry, at bed-clothes washing the powder "Ariel" and the conditioner for linen "Lenor" is used Companies Prokter end Gembl
We equip our apartments with good berths, these are beds with an orthopedic mattress from company "Аскона" , Good a sofa bed and armchairs-beds. Presence of berths depends on rooms and an apartment category.
the Good Dream and Rest in our apartments one of the main distinctive lines of our company!

The purposes of the company in the field of quality:
For maintenance of a due degree of quality of given services, the company REST puts forward following purposes
The companies in the field of quality:
1. Strict conformity of given services.
2. Maintenance of a technological level of given services.
3. Responsibility before the client for quality of given services.
4. Achievement of an optimum parity the price/quality of given services for the clients.
5. Expansion of the nomenclature of given services, mainly at the expense of use of the newest technologies.
Working out and introduction of new services, it is as much as possible full of clients satisfying inquiries.
6. Constant decrease in quantity of complaints from clients and acceptance of all measures for data of their quantity to zero.
7. Formation of image of the company, as hi-tech and rendering service of high quality.
8. the Orientation of works not only on elimination of decrease in quality of services, but also on the prevention of such possibility.
Thanks to the high degree of service the company REST renders services of the highest quality.
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